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Sharks are the Guardians of the Ocean. They take care of a system that is so vital to our quality of life and, ultimately, to our survival. Humanity has not been good to sharks. But we can change that now. We can stop the destruction, reverse the damage, take a stand for what is right, and fight against what hurts us all.

We must focus on action, and change the way we treat sharks and the ocean.  



Priority Campaigns

 A cut off shark fin by Pangea Seed Foundation

A cut off shark fin by Pangea Seed Foundation

Ending the Trade of Shark Fins

We need your help to continue this fight

Shark finning and the global trade of fins is the driving force behind the slaughter of 70-100 million sharks per year.

Powerful commercial interests are blocking the progress of protective measures. This is one of the most important battles we are facing.


 Dried shark fins by Steven Werner

Dried shark fins by Steven Werner

The Growing Demand for Shark Products

The value of the global trade in shark products is estimated at 1 billion US dollars per year.

Most of these products are legal to buy, sell and trade, with the exception of shark fins in only a handful of US States and Pacific Island Nations. 

Follow our guide on how to approach manufacturers that use sharks in their products and how to educate those around you. 


 Shark tangled in one of the death nets. Photo by Team SharkWater

Shark tangled in one of the death nets. Photo by Team SharkWater

Driftnets are banned in CA.

california takes action against the curtains of death

Driftnets were already banned in many countries, and only one fishery remained in the United States, in federal waters off the coast of California.

UPDATE September 2018: Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill to ban driftnets! THANK YOU Governor Brown!

Congratulations to everyone that has worked so hard over the years to make this happen! Proof that grassroots activism works!

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A new crowdfunding platform for sharks and the ocean


A game changer that will broaden the way we support grassroots efforts that protect sharks and our ocean resources. Bringing in the collective power of the people to support conservation projects around the world. 

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Shark Films

A reality check

Blockbuster horror films about menacing sharks are here to stay. They have and will continue to generate billions for the entertainment industry. For years, the conservation community has tried to take the high road and distance themselves from films that perpetuate the monster image. It hasn't worked. We need a new approach.



Want To Help?

Follow These Steps


Thank you for your support!


Shark Diving Expeditions


Swim With The Biggest Great White Sharks In The World!

This September 4th-9th, join our shark diving adventure with Horizon Charters to Guadalupe Island.





 Jimmy Hall filming a Great White Shark in Hawaii

Jimmy Hall filming a Great White Shark in Hawaii

"More Like Jimmy" Scholarship
For Marine Or Environmental Science

A scholarship for students that love Elasmobranchs in Guam, CNMI, FSM or Palau.

Awardees can receive amounts from $1,000 to $4,000 per year depending upon year in school and dedication to their education.  

2018 fanuchånan (fall) semester Awardees announced!


Extinction Soup

Our Documentary

A film about the trials and tribulations of Jimmy Hall and Stefanie Brendl and their work for sharks in Hawaii. For years they fought misconceptions to bring awareness to the plight of sharks. Stefanie then found herself at the forefront of ground-breaking campaign to stop the international trade of shark fins. An effort that turned her life upside down and ignited the work for Shark Allies.

 film festival awards earned by extinction soup
 movie poster of Extinction Soup


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