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We Have A Hopeful Vision

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We believe, that together, we can radically change the way we treat sharks and the ocean. That we will find ways to tackle the issues and that you will choose to be one of the people that will help build this movement. To be an ally to sharks, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the effort to protect the ocean. To stop the destruction, to reverse the damage, to take a stand for what is right, and fight against what hurts us all.

Sharks are the Guardians of the Ocean. They do a tremendous job taking care of a system that is so vital to our quality of life and, ultimately, to our survival. We fail to honor them, and instead, we are destroying sharks and everything else that is alive in our oceans. We haven’t exactly been the best stewards of this planet. But what matters is that there is an alternative path to the one we are currently on.

We can draw the line right now and say,

“Today is the day we turn this thing around.”

If we focus on action we can change the conditions one step, one milestone at a time. The goals are clear. We just need to find the courage and unity to move forward. Anyone, regardless of their age, nationality, religion, political persuasion and education can participate in this movement. We will work hard to lead the charge, but we need you and many others to truly empower this movement.


You are a GUARDIAN.


Priority Campaigns

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Stop the Trade of Shark Fins

Shark finning and the global trade of fins is the driving force behind the slaughter of 70 - 100 million sharks per year. 

Powerful commercial interests are blocking the progress of protective measures. This is one of the most important battles we are facing. 

We need your help to continue this fight!

 Financing Change. Creating funding for shark conservation efforts

Guardians Giving


Coming Soon ! 

A game changer that will broaden the way we support grass roots efforts that protect sharks and our ocean resources. Bringing in the collective power of the people to support conservation projects around the world.

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Shark Films - A Reality Check

Blockbuster Horror films about menacing sharks are here to stay. They have and will continue to generate billions for the entertainment industry. For years, the conservation community has tried to take the high road and distance themselves from  films that perpetuate the monster image.  It hasn't worked.

It is time for a radical new approach. Lets embrace what we cannot change and use the star power of sharks to fuel shark conservation.

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You Can Be a Guardian - Start Your Journey Today


things we can all agree on... 

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Extinction Soup

Our Documentary

A film about the trials and tribulations of Jimmy Hall and Stefanie Brendl and their work for sharks in Hawaii. For years they fought misconceptions to bring awareness to the plight of sharks. Stefanie then found herself at the forefront of ground-breaking campaign to stop the international trade of shark fins. An effort that turned her life upside down and ignited the work for Shark Allies.

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 film festival awards earned by extinction soup
 movie poster of Extinction Soup

Guardians of the Ocean - Our long-term vision


A movement that goes beyond the limits of an organization. creating an ecosystem that engages the public, that gives us a united voice and enables us to act. 


Guardians Funding

Fueling the movement

Raising funds for conservation projects is a struggle that can turn the difficult into the impossible. The money question should be answered in new and creative ways. We are developing several new strategies for long-term funding for shark and ocean causes.

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Guardians Taking Action

Creating momentum

For years we have been working with great success on passing legislation to stop the trade of shark fins and to increase the protected areas around the world. A new strategy is needed to continue and increase the intensity of this work and to take measures to the next level.

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Guardians Community 

Unity & Support

Shark Allies is shifting gears. We are building an open forum that will be unlimited in its potential growth. Creating a place for a community of Guardians, a tribe of activists united in their desire to take action. 

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Guardians Voice

Changing the conversation

Our continued efforts to raise awareness and educate the public have brought many great results. The public needs to know about the issues in order to change habits and support conservation measures.  Our goal is to broaden the approach and reach even more people.

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