Sharks are being decimated.
Oceans are under assault.
There is too much killing; not enough protection.
There is a lack of understanding and awareness, not enough involvement and care.
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Our Goals

- Raise the awareness
Create an understanding and emotional connection to the issues.
- Change the image
Replace misconceptions of sharks and the ocean.
- Involve the global community
Inspire people around the world to take part.
- Increase protection
Help establish stronger regulations to protect marine life and the ocean.

Latest News

  • Active Woman Magazine Interview +

    "Active Woman" one of Europe's largest Women's outdoor magazines featured Shark Allies founder, Stefanie Brendl, in their July 2016 issue. Stefanie talked about her relationship with sharks and how misunderstood they are. The article is in German and the title translates as "Sharks are not Monsters".           Link to the full article Read More
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The Good News


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Sharks hold the fascination for people around the world.
The images and stories shown in film and news media are shaping the way the public sees sharks. Lets make sure people learn to make the distinction between fact and fiction, and between entertainment and reality. 

Take part in our  #RespectNotFear  social media campaign


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Shark Heroes

People from all walks of life are fighting for sharks

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How much Mercury is in fins?



higher than safe limits. They can also contain other dangerous toxins that accumulate in animals at the top of the food chain.

What's the value of a shark?


PER YEAR to a coastal community. In comparison to a ONE TIME $100 when the shark is killed for it’s fins.

Sharks have survived HOW LONG?

Mass extinction events! They were here before the Dinosaurs. Our actions over the last 50 years are now wiping them out at an alarming rate.