The first step in becoming a volunteer is realizing that the most effective help you can give is making use of your skills and applying them to a campaign or to the general business of maintaining and supporting a grass roots, volunteer driven organization.

In addition to that, there are times when showing up and participating in person is important, and other times when support via your online network is the most effective contribution.

People often think that being a volunteer means coming to the beach and saving a shark, or taking part in a protest. Sometimes we need to show up and take a stand, but more often than not the work is a lot more strategic and abstract than that.


For many people, their activism involvement has been limited to the signing of online petitions. This has become incredibly frustrating for everyone, since there is a proliferation of petitions and not very many direct outcomes. Our goal is to find ways to be involved that go beyond pushing a button on a social media post, whenever possible. We also strongly believe in using petitions sparingly, and only when it is strategically purposeful.




∇ Logo and Graphic Design
We want to create logos for each of our campaigns that can be used on signs, stickers, social media etc. Logos for "Guardians of the Ocean", "Xstraws" are the immediate priority. Also need cool graphics for the two concepts #RespectNotFear and #SharkAttack (as in sharks BEING attacked)

∇ Xstraws campaign volunteers

∇ Sharks Sold Out campaign volunteers

∇ Hollywood Sharks campaign volunteers



 Web design and maintenance
As you can probably tell, we could use some help with this site. We are always strapped for time and finances to make this the best, most efficient and effective tool. There are things we would like to develop that we simply don't know how to do.

∇ Social Media
Help us design and maintain an effective strategy to create and engage the public. Our goal is to  create ways for our followers to actively participate and contribute to campaigns.

∇ Multi- media presentations
A big part of our outreach work entails talking to different audiences. We need help in developing and improving the technical and creative aspects of our presentations.  

∇ Film production
Our campaigns are greatly enhanced by video production. We struggle with the cost and expert help needed to produce high quality pieces.

∇ Fundraising
Creation, planning, execution of fundraising campaigns and/or events

∇ Non-profit management
We could use help with the bureaucratic side of managing the organization. Accounting, reporting, budgets and procedures.


For more ideas on how to donate expertise or materials go to our SUPPORT AND DONATE page