Step 3: Use Your Voice

It Is The Most Important Way You Can Take Action.

Legislation can be a powerful tool to protect sharks. Pick up the phone, email or talk to your representative in person. They are in office to represent their constituents. But they need to hear what people care about.


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Help Ban Death Nets

For every swordfish caught by the driftnet fishery in California, an estimated seven other marine animals are entangled in nets and often injured or killed. Only one driftnet fishery for swordfish remains in the United States—in federal waters off the coast of California. It is time to stop this practice NOW.


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 ©Turtle Island Restoration Network

©Turtle Island Restoration Network



Help Protect The Endangered Species Act

Petition to protect the Endangered Species Act, by the Ocean Conservancy




Check out this map and related info at the ANIMAL WELFARE INSTITUTE

A) You can help with enforcement. If you live in a State that banned the possession and sale of fins, and you see shark fins or shark fin soup, contact the authorities and report what you have seen. If you don't know the relevant agency might be, contact the Animal Welfare Institute and they will point you to the proper oversight agency. 

B) If you live in a State that has not passed a Shark Fin Trade Ban, contact your representatives and let them know that this topic matters to you.

Here is a map of all the States that have passed shark fin legislation: