Step 2: Your Help Matters


1)    HElp us continue the fight

We cannot be effective without the generous support of people that care about sharks. 



2)    Help while you shop

If you shop on Amazon or sell on E-Bay, click here to find out how you can make your online shopping work for a good cause. You can also add Giving Assistant as a browser plug in for detect companies that donate a percentage of their profits to us. 



3)    check out our documentary

Extinction Soup will give you a greater insight into the issue of shark finning and the important part Shark Allies' founder Stefanie Brendl has played in the global battle to stop the trade of shark fins.



3)    Sign on with

Check out our brand new crowdfunding platform that features some of the most effective and urgent shark and ocean oriented projects around the world. 



4)    Fight plastic pollution

Ocean Plastics pollution has become a major issue. Every person and household can help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean by changing what is used and thrown out, every day. Refusing plastic bags, straws and bottles is a great step, but there are plenty of other items that you can make part of your new routine.