Mission - part 4

Strategy & Action


How do we create and sustain bolder campaigns?

Most of the time, the heavy lifting of ocean conservation doesn't take place in the ocean. It happens by working with legislators, negotiating with authorities, convincing governments and fighting commercial interests. Through our work we have gained a lot of experience and learned many lessons: 

- Pushing critical campaigns is incredibly hard to maintain over a longer period. The tasks can be all consuming and the commitment needed is hard to come by. 

- The few individuals that have the willpower and endurance are key to the continued success of conservation campaigns. But they burn out because there is no real support system, no compensation and little security.

This is critical to realize because the boldest action is often taken by individuals willing to step into the unknown and figuring things out as the action unfolds. That’s how revolutionary change usually happens. This is an approach that can be unnerving to donors and organizations. 
But we need the energy of those that are willing to kick in the door, that find the opportunities, that are on location, talking and negotiating, wheeling and dealing and building partnerships. They are the ones that can inspire action and energize the community. We need activists that have experience, that know the ins and outs and that can maneuver in that very difficult space between diplomacy and advocacy.
The simple fact is that good people that can get things accomplished are few and far between and we need to do a better job in recruiting and supporting them for the long haul ahead.

 It is important to realize the facts and the urgency of the issues we face. But our focus must be on doing something about it.

Our core goal is taking action.

 It is up to us to take care of th planet

How do we accomplish this?

-  We define low, medium and high-level goals to make sure there is forward momentum at all times. We put all of our energy into finding solutions and taking steps that get us closer.

-   We overcome the commercial interest groups that currently dominate ocean policy by bringing in the power of the public. Numbers count. Public pressure matters. We need to create stronger representation on the conservation side of the power struggle.


Focus areas:

A.  promote and support policy to protect sharks and ocean environements (fin trade bans, Marine Protected Areas, sanctuaries, fisheries management etc.)

B.  Strengthen Enforcement and ensure execution of conservation measures

C.  address By-catch issues and harmful commercial fishing methods

D. Eliminate the demand for shark fin soup