This is a Collective Effort

Connecting our voices creates a united front.

The point of the declaration is to show that people from all walks of life support sharks; that this is not a fringe cause, but an issue the majority feels strongly about.

We want to give you a voice throughout the whole process of this campaign. For that reason, we ask a little more information than the average petition. This helps us be more effective. We can determine how many people are signed on from each State, and what their backgrounds are. That way we can engage the appropriate group of people directly, at the right place and at the right time.


Want to help collect signatures?

If you are inspired to collect names at your school, workplace, event or business, we have downloadable spreadsheets that you can use offline. You can also email us for an Excel spreadsheet, or make your own in a format that works on your laptop/tablet or phone . Just make sure you use the same column names.  

You can even print it out and have people sign it old-school. But we would ask that you enter the information into a spreadsheet that you can submit to us electronically, to avoid mistakes.

Email us your list when you are done.

Contact us if you need anything more specific or have questions.

For Youngsters:

The “Shark Squad” - Young Heroes Fighting for Sharks" declaration may be more suitable. It doesn't matter which one you choose - either one of the declarations will help us with the campaign.


We will share your results on social media to show the community what you achieved.

Thank you for all of your support!