Shark Diving Expeditions And Conservation

Shark Allies is partnering with conservation oriented operators to develop expeditions that will teach participants about sharks and directly engage them in shark conservation.

For those of us that are fortunate to be able to travel, dive and experience great destinations, diving with sharks is an absolute highlight. There is nothing quite as powerful as meeting a shark in the wild. Guadalupe Island simply is the best place to meet Great White sharks. Not to mention, we anchor in the same spot for days so the opportunity to get to know each shark individually is endless.  

WE have a lot of work on our hands with our priority campaigns, But We also see great value in real life shark experiences. 

Shark Allies Guadalupe Island trip 2018 with Horizon Charters.

Shark Allies Guadalupe Island trip 2018 with Horizon Charters.

Guadalupe Island 2019 (Aug 28-Sept 2)

Why do we travel? Most of the time it’s to get a feeling for a new place in its entirety. So often as divers we seek out one or a couple of animals and fixate on it. Nothing wrong with that, the animals are usually the main attraction! But we easily overlook the role that the they play in their ecosystem. This time around to Guadalupe Island we want to fill in those blanks and not only swim with the largest Great Whites in the world, but discuss with you their role in the ecosystem of this beautiful island as well as the Pacific Ocean. You will leave not only seeing sharks when you close your eyes but also feeling tied to the island and its unique animal life. 

Each night we have activities and discussions planned. We will talk about the history of the island, its past and present inhabitants, the stars all around us at night, of course the sharks we encounter every day, and how to protect all of this after we get back home. The Shark Allies Team is here to highlight the importance of these magnificent apex predators as well as the current research around them and the need for their protection. 

What’s on the agenda? 

∇ 3 full days of Great White Sharks, sunrise to sunset! You will literally roll out of your bunk and into the cage to wake up with the sharks. Coffee can wait.

∇ 2 very relaxing days of travel. 

∇ 5 nights of eating, drinking, stargazing, and chatting about our surroundings. What exactly will we be covering? The conservation status of sharks, here in Guadalupe and in global waters, along with our work in legislation. The type of research currently being conducted on Great Whites, the current mysteries and the milestones ahead.