Shark Meat, Is It Good To Eat?


Considering that most shark meat is full of urea, it would seem logical that it shouldn't be on the menu, but if you are wondering how it is prepared, there are steps that make it edible. That doesn't mean it's good to eat, make sure you read our other articles on why it may be harmful to consume.

Unprocessed shark meat is known to spoil quickly and possesses a strong ammonia odor due to its high urea content. Brining the meat or marinating it for an extended period of time can remove the odor. As cod populations have decreased, dried shark has become increasingly popular in many countries where salt cod has been popular. For the most part, shark meat is cut into steaks and fillets and is prepared similarly to any other large marine fish.

In Asia, it is consumed dried, smoked or salted. In Italy, France and the United States, shark meat is served at fancy restaurants to flaunt the chef's culinary skills. There are also localized delicacies such as in Iceland, where they serve hákari (buried, fermented and dried shark meat) and Trinidad, where "Bake and Shark" is popular.

Laurel Irvine