Cosmetics, Squalene Success Stories


While it is easy to recognize the devastation created by the squalene market, it is also important to high-five the success stories.

In 2008, two mega-mogul cosmetic companies, Unilever that is responsible for brands like Ponds and Dove, and L’Oreal publicly agreed to stop the use of shark-derived squalene in their moisturizing creams and lipsticks. This pact came after it was found that the sharks that supply the squalene market are under threat. Bravo for making a step to the right side of this issue! Before Unilever and L’Oreal, the cosmetic company Beiersdorf, who is responsible for Nevia, Clarins, Boots, Sisley and La Mer pledged not to use animal based squalene as well.

Laurel Irvine