Hunger for profit is destroying sharks

Shark products = $

but only if someone buys the products. 



Reduce the production, sale and consumption of all products made from sharks and manta rays. 

WHY? Sharks and mantas are being driven to extinction by the demand for products we could all do without. They are hunted for their fins, meat, skin, oil from the liver, cartilage and gil plates. 

It seems outlandish that we would be hunting these magnificent animals for things that we want to eat or put on our skin, when most of these products in no way contribute to our nutrition, health or beauty. We can easily live without eating shark steak or shark fin soup and we can go without supplements that have virtually no effect. And cosmetics do not need be made from the liver of a rare shark when plant derivatives are just as effective.

We must take action. We cannot rely on government regulations to tackle the reduction of endangered species products in its entirety. We must address this from all sides of the market. If enough citizens object to these products, it will be easier to create laws that fully protect the species.


It is the consumer that driveS the market. All of us are consumers that retailers and traders depend on. 




∇ Let's start by cleaning our own backyard.

∇ Approach manufacturers and businesses that deal with shark meat, fins and products that use shark oil and cartilage as ingredients. Educate them about the devastating impact the trade has on global shark and Manta populations. 

∇ Encourage these businesses to use alternative ingredients (such as plant based “squalene” for cosmetics).

∇ Feature the participating businesses in our “Guardians of the Ocean” listing.

∇ Promote supporters via our network.



∇ Become a guardian and actively participate in this campaign 

∇ Approach the managers/owner of restaurants and other businesses that currently sell, transport or trade shark products and make them aware of the facts. (Being encouraging and diplomatic goes a long way - please do not accuse people of wrong doing. An aggressive approach will only alienate them from the campaign)

∇ Print out the attached summary & facts sheet - this will help you to explain the issue (coming soon).

∇ Let us know which businesses are willing to participate and we will add them to our “Guardians of the Ocean” list. We will also show your name as the person that helped make it happen.

∇ Help us fundraise. Not everyone has time and energy to dedicate towards a cause. You can help us empower these campaigns by donating or coming up with creative ideas for fundraisers. 

∇ Help us raise awareness. We all have the power to reach thousands through social media. Use it to turn these campaigns into movements that will take on a life of their own.  #GuardiansOfTheOcean