Trophy Fishing


In most States it is legal to hunt large marine predators for sport. Shark fishing tournaments are popular events that draw large crowds of spectators. Some fishing clubs have switched to only allow catch and release, while others vehemently defend the practice of the kind of fishing that lets participants bring in a big animal. They claim it is part of the thrill and will not harm overall populations of sharks.

Seeing “Monster” sharks being killed and strung up is unfortunately still a great attraction and is celebrated in yearly events.

Shark Allies considers the hunting of animals for the sake of sport and entertainment an archaic pursuit that causes harm and suffering.  It is a slap in the face of Mother Nature and is proof not of skill, but of arrogance and cruelty. This is NOT fishing at a subsistence level - many people around the world depend on catching fish for their daily survival.  We are talking about the killing of animals for FUN.

Shark Allies continues to work on educating the public and the media that it is important to no longer glorify the killing of sharks.

If you would like to see what we are talking about, search the Internet for “Monster Shark tournaments” and you will see why it is controversial. 


Positive Developments

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Stefanie Brendl