Sharks In Entertainment


Shark blockbuster movies are here to stay. 

The shark has become one of Hollywood’s most well-trodden paths to terror.

Sharks are the super stars of the ocean, at least when it comes to film revenues.  But we are not using the power of media to its greatest potential. When are we going to figure out how to turn the fascination and bankability of sharks into a benefit for the animals?


Sharks are a money machine for hollywood

Worldwide Box office and DVD sales for the four "JAWS" movies, "Deep Blue Sea," and "Shark Tale" total up to 980 million. That does not include "Sharknado" and "Shark Week" profits. It's safe to say that total profits are probably in the billions. If sharks have the ability to drive a million dollar industry, then shouldn't they also reap the rewards?


It's time to change the way we think about shark media

1) We need to be more engaged and raise awareness within the Hollywood film industry (studios, producers, screen writers, directors). Our goal is to achieve that through presentations and events, and promote collaboration with environmental groups (to provide research, facts and guidance).

2) We should collaborate with blockbuster shark movies to leverage the attention and fascination to create positive outcomes for shark conservation. This will be a great challenge, because aligning with media that exploits the animals is easily criticized and not something non-profits can take on without risking judgment from the rest of the community. But turning away and ignoring the massive appeal is missing out on a huge opportunity. 

3) There is a multitude of outstanding programming and content available through outlets such as Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, and online. There are hundreds of great photographic sites and social media accounts. It is a bit puzzling why, except for a few isolated programs, we have not been able to leverage that into real action? Moving forward we need to create pathways for organizations and media to go beyond awareness raising and start contributing to the conservation of sharks.



Fact vs. Fiction

Read this fact sheet first

It's okay to indulge in shark films, as long as you know the truth. Here is a list of facts you should consider while watching shark films. 

Download it and give it to your friends!