A Great White Sharks in Guadalupe

Welcome to the realm of sharks

We want you to see sharks the way we do. To have experiences that will move and inspire, that will help you discover and strengthen your passion for sharks; your love for the ocean. The Guardians program adds layers to amazing shark adventures to create powerful experiences. Learning from experts first hand, improving skills in the water, sharing your journey with friends and developing a deeper understanding of sharks.

Awareness and passion is the power that fuels conservation. 

The Guardians Shark Encounters will feature experts in conservation, research, media, exploration, breath-hold diving, photography, and many other interesting fields to help broaden our knowledge and skills. They will be your group leaders, coaches and mentors.

We look forward to developing a series of exciting adventures around the world and in the process, build awareness for our sharks and the ocean. Stay tuned and follow us on all channels.


------------   TRIP #1    ------------




The Special theme of this trip is

Shark Conservation and the story of shark diving women


Our goal is two-fold:
1) Get involved in shark conservation:
Throughout the trip, Stefanie Brendl, one of the leading shark advocates and conservationists, will present a curriculum of shark knowledge, and talk about important elements of shark conservation. As a group, we will discuss ideas to grow support for sharks world-wide. We will make sure that you leave this trip feeling enabled and excited about being a shark guardian. Shark advocacy work can be done on many levels. You will go home with tools that help you stay engaged, no matter how much or how little time you have to give. 

2) Be part of the story:
As members of the inaugural women's great white shark dive we invite you to be part of the conservation conversation. Kinga Philipps, a 17 year veteran of the entertainment industry and a passionate conservationist, will be onboard the Horizon to tell YOUR story. A story showcasing the trend of female adventure travel, exploration, ocean advocacy and shark conservation. The door is open for you to participate as much or as little as you choose and share your perspective, your experience, your moments of awe...let your voice be heard. 



Why Guadalupe Is perfect for a great experience:

No scuba diving skills necessary. Trips are safe, well organized and participants can decide how much time they can handle spending in the water. If you can handle being on a boat for a few days, if you don’t mind squeezing into a thick wetsuit and breathing from a regulator, you can take part in this encounter.


Why do a trip for women only?

A large portion of the shark and animal advocacy world is driven by women. Nearly 50% of all shark divers these days are women. This is a great way for like-minded people to come together. Women that love sharks and want to learn more can join and feel certain they will be surrounded by a group of incredible ladies. We will share an adventure and create new friendships that can last a lifetime.

We have some special gifts for the participants of our inaugural trip!

Equal opportunity

The shark diving world has been portrayed as a male dominated, adrenalin-charged world. It is so much more than that. Being in the presence of sharks exceeds most diver’s expectations - it is a meaningful experience that will affect you deeply. It is exciting, humbling and awe-inspiring all at once.

The mainstream media predominantly covers two extremes: On one side of the spectrum is the charismatic shark-week host or tougher-than-nails cameraman that throws himself in harm’s way, on the other side is the bikini-clad siren used as an object of composition in an attempt to soften the image of sharks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either. But there is a lot of room in between which is where most divers find themselves.


Is Shark Diving for you?

Shark diving can be challenging. Certain sharks can be dangerous. Shark encounters can also be mellow and safe. The key is picking the right location and tour operator, and going with people that will guide you and share their years of experience with you. Staying within the limits of your skill level is the best method for safety in the ocean. Only a combination of learning, time spent in the water and the right attitude will make you a better shark diver.

If you felt intimidated or have been keeping shark diving on your list of adventures you will get to, eventually, LISTEN UP - this is your opportunity.

Don't wait - Meeting sharks will change your life! 


If you have any questions about shark encounters, please contact us via email.