mission - part 3

PR & Media


Why do we need new media strategies?

Raising awareness is an important part of conservation. Sharks and the oceans are important to every human being, but somehow conservation issues have not become a mainstream topic. It is our challenge to create a shift and bring the message to the public. 

It would be easier to keep talking amongst ourselves, to satisfy the need of a closely knit conservation community, but that will not help us in moving the needle for conservation. It is important that we reach people that do not make the effort to seek out documentaries and may not follow relevant social media accounts.

Some topics have recently made this leap. The plastics pollution conversation has received a tremendous amount of attention and the public outcry and demand for solutions has resulted in many plastics bans being proposed around the world. 
This shows us that, once facts become broadly accepted, the collective willpower can push an issue to a new level. Once the voices for change get loud enough and do not cease, the action will follow.

It is our goal to push our campaigns into the public eye, and to keep them there until we get movement and traction.

This is why it is so crucial to build a powerful Guardians community that can help build and sustain the momentum, month after month.


Another component is better engagement of the people that influence the masses - The entertainment industry and news media.

Educating the messengers will change the conversation. Even though there may never be a lot of coverage, we must make sure the industry raises their standards and realizes the impact of their programming.


Our current effort focuses on Big Screen Shark Films

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 The Guardians of the Ocean Community can change the conversation