NowArt LA, Surfrider Foundation, KCET, City of Malibu, and Shark Allies collaboration


Participate and helP raise awareness 

∇ First and foremost - don't use plastic straws in your home and refuse them wherever they are offered to you. Start by changing your own habits and inspire your friends - ask to get your drinks without straws.

∇ Post, share, lead by example #StrawFreeSantaMonicaBay #DontSuck

∇ You can take action and help us by talking to your favorite restaurant, business or job site and see if they are willing to cut down on the use of plastic straws or use alternatives.

∇ Print out the attached summary & facts sheet - this will help you to explain the issue

∇  Follow the campaigns on social media - share, like and comment. Help spread the word. More announcements coming soon.

∇ Not everyone has time and energy to dedicate towards a cause. You can help us empower these campaigns by donating or coming up with creative ideas for fundraisers.