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Why Sharks?


The short version is that sharks need help and non-profit organizations seem to be their only real champions. Leaving it up to governments is not an option. 

Over the last decade a large part of our work has been focused on legislation that banned the trade of fins, one of the major driving forces behind the global, large scale slaughter of sharks and rays.

The shark fin market is still the biggest problem. Official statistics from 10 years ago show that of the 100 million sharks killed every year, roughly 73 million of them were taken to meet the demand for fins. One thing is clear, even at the lowest estimated numbers, too many sharks are being taken.

Sharks also have an image problem. People are fascinated by sharks, but often for the wrong reasons. There are many misconceptions, and the mainstream media usually doesn’t help the matter. Through our campaigns we hope to instill a new perspective, a vision based on RESPECT, NOT FEAR. 

There is real danger of feeling paralyzed by the magnitude and multitude of issues. I believe we can do a lot more than we think, we just need to pick up momentum. And momentum can only build once there is motion. Taking a few steps every day is key.

The traditional non-profit campaigns can only take us so far. It’s time to bust out of our old approaches and think big. This is the basis for our Guardians of the Ocean mission, with the 4 sectors of BUILDING COMMUNITY, establishing NEW FUNDING sources, shifting the way we deal with MEDIA and creating STRATEGIES for taking action .

If you are still reading this far down in my ramble, then there is a great chance that you are one of the people that is truly wanting to make a difference. You will have recognized that we are putting forth some ambitious goals that may seem beyond our reach.  Planning only the "possible" just isn't enough, and I truly believe that we can accomplish the "impossible" if we collectively agree that we will take on the task.

Thank you for taking the time to dig deeper.


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Stefanie Brendl

Executive Director, Founder

 Sharks are swimming in troubled waters these days

Shark Allies is a non-profit organization originally established in 2007 in Hawaii and now incorporated in California.  We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks and rays and the ocean realm they live in.