Volunteers Tackle the Florida Keys for #NoFinFL Support

Volunteer Appreciation Post:

For many years, Shark Allies has been an incredibly small group of devoted volunteers. Ever since we announced our work in Florida, we have been overwhelmed by the outpour of encouragement from Floridians wanting to do anything they can to help. We wanted to take a minute from the craziness of legislative work to thank our ladies down in the Keys. This past weekend they took it upon themselves to road trip around Southern Florida, from dive shop to dive shop, to pass out flyers and assemble support. The battle is heating up at the Capital in Tallahassee, so winning the support of those that make a living off of sharks (dive operators, etc.) is extremely important at this stage. If you’re reading this and have not made your voice heard yet, please click the link to sign on to our Declaration to end the fin trade in Florida. Every voice matters!

A massive thank you to our Keys volunteers: Sara Nilsson, Tiffany Duong, Shara Teter, Cassandra Scott and anybody else that helped along the way!

And thank you to all the dive shops that support #NoFinFL from this trip!

Laurel Irvine