MANG x Shark Allies September Collaboration


Words by our friends at MANG.

"What is a shark without its fins? For the month of September, MANG is collaborating with Shark Allies. Who bring light to the issues around the global Shark Fin Trade. Shark Allies focus is all about the protection and conservation of sharks and rays. This is done by asking citizens to take action, raise awareness and guide initiatives to reduce the destructive overfishing of sharks on a global scale. A portion of the proceeds gives back to Shark Allies and plants a mangrove! The “HAMMERMANG” was created to emulate the great hammerhead shark. The largest of its species, the trademark broad shaped head has given this top predator an evolutionary edge. The hammerhead shark plays a critical role in our coastal ecosystem health and abundance.

Why are mangroves important? 

  1. Act as a buffer between land and sea protecting the land against storm surges, boat wakes, and natural disasters.

  2. Hold sediment in place, preventing soil erosion and creating cleaner water ways.

  3. Provide habitat for all fish, crustacean, and bird species.

  4. #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world, locking down and providing carbon to our nearshore and offshore environments.

  5. Provide nutrients through falling of leaves & branches, also known as detritus. This is the start of the food web in our oceans.”

If you haven't already, grab your MANG x Shark Allies gear before it's too late! The MANG team will plant one mangrove tree for every shirt purchased, and sales also support our fight to end the shark fin trade in their backyard, Florida.

Laurel Irvine