Guadalupe Island 2019 Trip Guest Blog by Taylor Meadows


“From the day we left port to the day we came back, it was an adventure. Each day and each shark was unique. When they would swim by the cages, I was just filled with awe and wonder that something so beautiful and majestic still roams our oceans. Something unruled by man, untouched by fate. Every time I return to Guadalupe, it's like I'm going back to see old friends. As I entered the cages each time, it was entering a friend's house for a visit. Each shark was so different. While some were energetic and spunky, others were docile and calm.

On this expedition, I learned more about the science and research of sharks, and their essential part in the ecosystem. They help keep our oceans clean and other animals' populations in check. Scientists tag them to help with the research on migratory patterns, nurseries, feeding grounds, etc. These animals are not monsters, not man-eaters. They are just as much apart of this earth as we are, and we are to respect them and their home. This trip to Guadalupe reminded me of that, and I can't wait to go back!”

Laurel Irvine