Guardians Manifesto

Guardians of the Ocean logo

Things we can agree on and rules that should guide us.


1) Life is better on a healthy planet with healthy oceans. Ocean systems depend on sharks to keep a finely tuned balance.  Therefore, sharks are vital to the planet and humanity.


2) The majority of human activity affects the ocean negatively. We must do everything we can to counteract the damage.


3) Most people would rather make things better than worse for the human race, for nature and for the planet. 


4) Making involvement in conservation more accessible to a broader range of people will empower the movement. 


5) We must help to shift the way people think about the ocean, how they engage, and how they take action. 


6) Forward momentum is key. It doesn’t matter how big the strides, as long as we keep moving. If we stand still and throw our hands up in desperation, we are guaranteed one thing: Nothing will change.


7) We do what we can, using all technologies, resources and creativity we have available. We keep an open mind to any and all opportunities and solutions.


8) There is no such thing as competition. We collaborate when it empowers the cause, get out of the way when it makes sense, and we support when others are taking the lead.