Mission - Part 2

Guardians Funding


There are several reasons why we feel this section is key to the future of the movement:


1)  Traditionally, shark conservation projects have been competing for funding with many other environmental initiatives. It’s a small pie that everyone is trying to share. It is time to get creative and develop new ways to generate dollars for sharks.

2)  The bureaucratic hurdles of the current system greatly affect small projects that may not have the time or technical knowledge to reach out to donors. And it discourages people with great ideas to move forward. It kills the spirit of pioneering new ideas.



Creating a new platform that levels the playing field will inject the community with new possibilities. Everyone that is willing to roll up their sleeves should have a way to find support within the community. 


Coming soon

Guardians Giving

a crowdfunding and donations platform for shark and ocean conservation projects

We will announce details as soon as we the site finished (expected mid/end of July 2018)

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