mission - part 1



A community of “activists” is more powerful than one organization.

Public participation is key in raising awareness, supporting policy campaigns and in changing behaviors. We want to build an online and real-world tribe that collaborates and pushes forward, united in their desire to take action. 

Having such a community would expand the base of support and would make us more effective.

Reaching out to the public only when the house is on fire, when votes are needed to pass a bill or when a protest needs to be organized, is simply not as effective. Having a network of people collaborating to develop new ideas and products will multiply the speed and power we can generate. we need to rally the troops. 

The conservation world tends to be seen as an exclusive scene, as a fringe world of academics and experts on one end and counter-culture tree huggers on the other. The reality is that there is a massive space in the middle that could be engaged. 

People from all walks of life have a lot to offer to conservation causes. Different talents and perspectives help broaden the approach and inject new ideas. Whenever experts are needed, they can take the lead, but nevertheless  depend on the support of many.


What is the purpose?

The goal is to make Shark Allies a different kind of organization. One that is open to the outside world and that is powered by the community at large. One that develops goals and generates funding based on what is most urgent and effective, not by what has been selected as the most worthy by grant writing committees.


How do we accomplish this?

We begin by collaborating via the Guardians Facebook group. That will give us an opportunity to connect no matter where anyone is located.

We will also organize events and local campaigns to make it possible for Guardians to meet in person. 

The next step will be the development of an App and other online tools… (please contact us if you have expertise in that department and would like to help). 

There is more awesomeness in the planning stages. We will announce them as they get closer to being a reality. 

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 Guardians Community

Guardians everywhere can join the movement