Origins of the Florida Campaign


Although Shark Allies and our Executive Director, Stefanie Brendl, have been behind many successful State laws to end the shark fin trade, the Florida campaign all started with a little known television phenomenon called Shark Week on Discovery Channel. This past summer (2018), Shark Week celebrated their 30th year on the air and opted for conservation-minded programming given the status of shark populations around the world. We were lucky enough to be featured in the Shark Week and Shark Tank collaboration, “Shark Tank Meets Shark Week.” If you haven’t watched already, or want to watch again, click the buttons below.

On the special, 4 shark conservation centric groups pitched their causes to one fo the “Sharks” of “Shark Tank” in hopes of winning the $50K prize. Although we didn’t win the prize, we feel that our issue got the exposure it needed (and way more) to jump start the beginning of the Florida campaign. Since “Shark Tank Meets Shark Week” aired we have been gunning it forward, full speed, to end the shark fin trade in Florida. We started in August by keeping it quiet to strategize the best way to line our ducks in a row behind the scenes. We have known that Florida would be no easy feat from the get-go. The troops rallied around us fast, most of them hearing about the campaign from the Shark Week episode, and we are forever grateful for each and every one of you! It has been a whirlwind since late summer, but we have come so far. Two bills introduced in the Florida State Legislature, one in the House and one in the Senate. We went into this thinking it was a battle, but it is quickly turning into a war. But nonetheless, a war worth fighting till the end. They say that money makes the world go round, and this issue is no different, it has turned into a purely an economic battle. We need the ocean community and big businesses to join us now more than ever. Click here to learn more about the campaign, support it, donate or volunteer.

We are overwhelmed by your support for our non-profit and causes after "Shark Tank Meets Shark Week" aired on Shark Week. Thank you Discovery Channel for including us in the episode and shedding a big spotlight on shark conservation causes. Thank you Mark Cuban for your generous investment. We couldn't have asked for a better Top Shark to pitch Shark Allies. Even though we didn't win, we feel that we have won "big time". 

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Laurel Irvine