The Shark Squad: Young Heroes Fighting for Sharks


Sharks are friends, not food!

We want a future with sharks.

People need the ocean. A healthy ocean needs sharks.

If we were kids right now, we would be pretty angry at the mess we are going to inherit. So often we hear people say "we need to educate the children so they will create a better future."  What we do now greatly impacts whether there is anything left to restore and rebuild in the future. 5 years from now, some of the shark species may be beyond the point of recovery.

WE cannot wait for the next generation to save sharks. We have to do it now!

It is time we send a strong message to our leaders that young people are paying attention and that they demand strong action in order to save sharks.

you can take an active part in shaping the future.

Make your voice heard! Sign this declaration and become part of a movement.

Want to help collect signatures?

If you are inspired to collect names at your school, workplace, event or business, we have downloadable spreadsheets that you can use offline. You can also email us for an Excel spreadsheet, or make your own in a format that works on your laptop/tablet or phone . Just make sure you use the same column names.  

You can even print it out and have people sign it old-school. But we would ask that you enter the information into a spreadsheet that you can submit to us electronically, to avoid mistakes.

Email us your list when you are done. Contact us if you need anything more specific or have questions. We will share your results on social media to show the community what you achieved.

Stefanie Brendl