Research & Published Papers

The effects of fishing on sharks, rays, and chimaeras and the implications for marine ecosystems
(J.D. Stevens, R. Bonfil, N.K. Dulvy, and P.A. Walker)

Predicting ecological consequences of marine top predator declines
(Michael R. Heithaus, Alejandro Frid, Aaron J. Wirsing and Boris Worm)

Coupled Changes in Structure And Function in Reef Fish Assemblages:
How Predators Increase Fisheries Production
(Stuart SANDIN, Marine Biology Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

High apex predator biomass on remote Pacific islands
(Charlotte Stevenson, Laure S. Katz, Fiorenza Micheli, Barbara Block, Kimberly W. Heiman, Chris Perle, Kevin Weng, Robert Dunbar, jan Witting)

Stefanie Brendl