Policy and Historic Wins for Sharks

It is on the policy front where we have done our most meaningful work with the greatest impact.

It started with the 2010 landmark bill in the State of Hawaii, where Stefanie worked directly with State Senator Clayton Hee to create a ban of the trade and possession of shark fins. A historic effort that became the model for many other State bans that followed.

After the successful passage of the Hawaii bill, Stefanie and Shark Allies, in collaboration with many other great individuals and organizations such as HSUS, Pew, Shark Savers and WildAid worked all over the US and the Pacific to champion a wave of legislation to stop the trade of fins and to create shark sanctuaries. 

We also consulted on many of the bills in other countries around the world.

Since then 13 US States and many Pacific Nations have followed and have passed shark fin trade bans. Many more states are in the process of shaping legislation.


Raising Awareness

Shark Allies has been working for many years to educate the public about sharks through countless presentations at schools, events and private businesses. We have also produced a series of short online video PSAs and interviews that have made the rounds through social media. 


Another fun aspect has been our work in collaboration with artists to create art installations to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean, and to inspire through wonderful shark murals created with local students.


Our documentary Extinction Soup received wide exposure as we took it around the world. It was, and continues to be presented at film festivals all over the globe, in the process educating thousands of people about the shark fin trade. Over the years we have also been consulting numerous film projects on their shark related content and story lines.