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Help the Sharks, Save the Ocean.
Shark Allies features the efforts made around the world on behalf of sharks. Meet the people dedicated to shark conservation and get updates on recent developments.
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What is Shark Allies

With so many outstanding organizations already in existence, I wanted to create something that would not duplicate or compete, but rather bring something new to the equation that would complement existing efforts.

My goal with Shark Allies is to find creative and effective ways to protect sharks, to curb the trade of shark fins and eventually to bring a stop to shark fin soup. This work varies from working with policy makers to ban the trade of fins, to the production of films to raise awareness of the issues, all the way to taking kids out to meet real sharks in the ocean. Future projects may include a shark story for kids, undersea art, media content placement and a shark ID book for the Pacific region... but which of these become a reality depends on feedback, money and time.

A few disclaimers for the section called  Allies to the sharks where I feature some of the hardest working activists that are fighting for sharks:
I will do my best to be objective, but I will probably be a bit biased towards the people that are the most helpful and that have left an impression. If someone is left out, its not because they didn’t do great work, but it is because I am either not aware of it, or haven't had the time to write about them.

Everyone in SharkAllies has real jobs and/or works full time on conservation issues. The time I can dedicate to Shark Allies and this site is limited and sporadic. (If anyone would like to volunteer ? I could use someone that likes to spend time on website content).

I reserve the right to not have all the facts at all times. Updates will not always be timely.
Everyone is welcome to contribute and make this a better site!
Thanks for taking the time to check out this site.
Much Aloha,
Stefanie Brendl
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