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What is Shark Allies

With so many outstanding organizations already in existence, we wanted to create something that would not duplicate or compete, but rather complement existing programs.

A large part of our work is dedicated towards curbing the trade of shark fins world wide and to eventually bring an end to shark fin soup. This goes hand in hand with efforts that change the way the public views sharks. The terror filled images shown in the media have distorted the pubic opinion of sharks. As we learn more about their world, their behavior and their importance in the marine eco systems, we can make the protection of sharks and their environment a high priority. Many countries around the world have recently implemented strict laws to protect sharks based on sound science and good information provided by non-profit organizations. Policy makers that care about sustainability no longer ignore the importance of healthy marine systems.

The documentary "Extinction Soup" is one of the ways to raise awareness of these issues. In addition to traditional film festivals around the world and mass distribution trough Video-on-demand and TV networks, this film will also be be featured during awareness and educational events.  The production of additional print and film media is another main goal for Shark Allies. This will be accomplished in cooperation with other non-profit groups and volunteers in the creative industries.
A real life experience is one of the most effective ways to change the image of sharks in people's minds and hearts. We therefore will be developing a new program called "Shark School" which can be used by shark diving operators as a tool to keep divers and tourist engaged in education and conservation programs long after their dive tour or shark watching experience is over. Once this concept has been worked out and tested it can be used as a template for many tour operators around the world.
In recent years Shark Allies has been run by only a few volunteers, but we are growing and have big plans for the next years. Many sections on this site will finally be improved and updated. New programs will be developed. However, everyone in SharkAllies has jobs and volunteers their time to this organization. Sometimes the online presence and social networking are simply of lower priority than the work that has to be done for programs. In the end, our goal is to protect sharks, not to have the biggest presence on the internet.
You can help us by sending us corrections, news and updates. This truly is a team effort and everyone is welcome to contribute and make this a better site!
Thanks for taking the time to check out Shark Allies.
Much Aloha,
Stefanie Brendl
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