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About Pacific Shark Initiative

Pacific Shark Initiative is an effort that brings support to the political campaigns that are developing within the Pacific Islands aimed at stopping the commercial exploitation of sharks and, in particular, the shark fin trade.
As the local leaders, such as NGOs, Governmental agencies and politicians decide to take a stand against the trade of fins, Pacific Shark Initiative wants to lend a hand by bringing in support from beyond the islands.
As each location may have different legislative and political paths that conservation measures must take, the type of support needed can be anything from providing contacts with other legislators and NGOs, to providing shark research and expert advice, to assisting with media or attending hearings in support of legislative bills.
Pacific Shark Initiative has as a goal to bring together the essential elements that are needed to support the local leadership, and furthermore, to assist in connecting the efforts of the individual Island Nations to enable a sharing of experiences.
With each measure passed, the movement to protect sharks is gaining momentum. Soon, the Pacific Islands will have done what was thought to be impossible – stop the trade of fins and save sharks from extinction.
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