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Shark Allies features the efforts made around the world on behalf of sharks. Meet the people dedicated to shark conservation and get updates on recent developments.
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What you can do!

-- Be Pro-Active --


Ask restaurants to stop serving the soup and don't support establishments and events that serve shark fin soup. This list has a good summary of restaurants by region:

Support the banning of shark fin trade in your State. Check the status of legislation in your State and how to get involved inside the section called    Shark Legistlation
!!! There are bills in progress in Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Jersey - check the individual section to see how you can get involved !!!

- Don’t support recreational game fishing for sharks, not even as a spectator. If you live in a town that hosts annual shark tournaments, take a stand and get your friends to join you. It is time to stop tolerating the killing of animals for sport. No admiration should be given to someone that slowly kills an animal with the help of oversized and overpowered technology, just so they can get a boost to their ego.

Learn about marine life, their behavior and the dangers. Entering the ocean is a wilderness experience and you should be aware of situations that can be dangerous. Sharks are only one aspect, as by far more people are hurt or killed by jellyfish or drowning. But the reality is that it is by far the most spectacular to be bit by a shark, so please do the sharks a favor and don’t get bit! It’s bad for your health and bad for their reputation!
- Check out this link to learn how to avoid a shark attack
Avoiding Shark Attack - A concise information page from the National Parks Conservation Association.

-- Be informed about products --

Be aware of products made from shark meat, fins and cartilage. Hundreds of thousands of sharks are being harvested each year to produce these products. Often it is a cleverly hidden ingredient. In Europe the name "dogfish" used in fish and chips hides the fact that it is actually the meat of sharks.

- When purchasing jewelry with shark teeth, only buy fossilized teeth, which are usually blue or brown in color. The white teeth are modern and could have been harvested illegally.
- Avoid buying shark jaws and products made from shark skin as well as all other silly trinkets made form sharks or other endangered animals.
- Don't buy health and beauty products that are made from shark cartilage or shark liver oil (squalene).
- Be aware that shark meat is sold under many names in stores and restaurants. Most of these leave the consumer clueless as to what they are actually buying and eating:

Vision Dive - Deceptive names for shark meat products
Names for Shark Products

-- Help to stop shark finning and overfishing --

- Support organizations that work on the shark fin and shark fishing issue. Your money will go a long ways to assist in the creation of shark sanctuaries, to stop the trade of fins and to regulate the fishing of sharks.
- Contact your representatives and request that they work towards ending the practice of shark finning and to ban the trade of fins, and to take a really hard look at commercial fishing practices in your State/country.
- When traveling, don’t purchase shark products and shark fin soup. It is represented as a "delicacy" but in reality it has almost no taste and no nutritional value.

- Small grass roots organizations in your area will appreciate your help and they usually provide you with the most direct way to get involved.
- If you would like to support Shark Allies financially, please click here   DONATE

-- Demand better quality of information --

Support educational TV programs and encourage your kids to watch them. Avoid the sensationalistic programming that continues to portray sharks as nothing but bloodthirsty killers. There are more and more great movies that teach kids to admire and appreciate the ocean.

-- Pass on your knowledge --

Tell your friends about your experience with sharks and what you know about the ocean and environmental problems. What’s on TV isn‘t always true. What the media reports is most often highly distorted. Pass on the information you have found on this and other sites. Once people understand the issues they will have a chance to change their mind about sharks.

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