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In Memory of Jimmy Hall

Jimmy Hall was one of the most ardent shark conservationists out there.

He loved animals and was absolutely crazy about sharks. Together with Stefanie, he started Hawaii Shark Encounters in 2002.

Jimmy was a "character" that left an impression on everyone he met. He had the kind of personality you had to either love or hate. His energy was undeniable. Many of his friends say they experienced their "greatest" or "worst" days of their lives with Jimmy. Often both in one day!

He became an accomplished paragliding pilot, participating successfully in acrobatics competitions. Even mountain climbing was part of the journey. But after many years of adventures all over the globe, he came back to his true home "Hawaii" and back to his true self.

Jimmy was an ocean person. And when a great white shark showed up during one of the shark tours and Jimmy jumped in to swim with it, his life was changed forever. It opened his eyes to what he was really meant to do.

He had spent so many years on the ocean, that finally it all made sense. He shifted gears towards new challenges.

He became a self-educated shark expert and was discovered by TV. His personality was perfect for the camera.  He was considered to be the next host for Shark Week on the DISCOVERY network.

It all came to a stop when during a BASE-jumping expedition to Baffin Island in May 2007 Jimmy died in a fatal accident. The sadness and grief we experienced was indescribable. Friends and family all over the world were struck with grief and a deep sense of loss.

Condolences from everywhere came streaming in. Many included money, which needed to find a meaningful purpose.

It was meant for Jimmy’s legacy and there was nowhere to go but to finally start "Shark Allies".

Jimmy loved traveling and adventure on every level. He had a passion for anything active and exciting. He sailed his 30’ boat across the Pacific, hiked active volcanoes, surfed, kitesurfed, dived, skydived, BASE-jumped … he did just about everything you could do to experience nature in the raw! And whenever possible he documented it with photos and video footage.

Stefanie Brendl was his accomplice over the last 10 years and together they traveled the world and lived life to the fullest. They published photos and stories all over the world as "Sea to Sky Productions".

If you would like to hear some of their stories and see pictures and video, please check out