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Noah Idechong (Republic of Palau)

Noah is an environmental leader from Palau that also serves as Vice Speaker of the Palau House of Delegates.

He has been one of the most powerful and effective influences for coral reef protection in the Pacific for decades.
His success has been attributed to his ability to “bring scientists together to focus on key data gaps, managers to address how people interact with their resources; regional leaders, both traditional and elected, to address policy needs; and the broader community to accept their responsibilities in wise stewardship. He also created a model for marine conservation in the region that combines traditional and modern knowledge.”

Noah championed the cause of shark protection and played a leading role in the declaration of Palau’s shark sanctuary.
He is the recipient of the Goldman Prize for Environmental Achievement, a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, and was one of the "8 Heroes of the Earth" in Time Magazines 2000 Earthweek Issue.

When I had a chance to spend some time with Noah on a boat in Palau, he struck me as the kind of person that truly loves his home, Palau. And that he considers the ocean as much his home as the land. I am convinced that many of the great strides Palau has made in recent years in ocean and shark conservation, would not have been possible without Noah. That includes, of course the Palau shark sanctuary. 

The history of the Palau Shark Sanctuary

Goldman Environmental Price

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