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Mary O’Malley

Mary is the shark conservation world’s most under-recognized activist. Just about every campaign, movement, production, article and press release mentioned on this site has been accomplished with her help and/or guidance.

She spends every spare minute of her time working on shark saving issues; the rest of the time she spends diving with sharks; her house is filled with insane images of sharks from all over the world, that she has taken over the years.
Mary keeps herself away from the limelight, always backing up the people that are taking the more glamorous lead. Without her many of us would never succeed in what we attempt to do.
Mary O’Malley is the ultimate godmother of shark conservation.
Mary is a long time supporter of Shark Savers, and has been active with a number of shark conservation campaigns -  from changing shark tournaments to catch and release, pushing for local legislation to protect sharks, organizing shark conservation events, letter writing campaigns and petitions. She is also a founder of the Shark Safe Network and developed most of the website content and materials for this organization.
Mary was instrumental in linking the Hawaii shark fin bill campaign to the international community of shark groups and supporters.

Shark Savers
Shark Safe Network
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